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Time Lost

m1 (600 x 533)Most of the people find themselves in situations and surroundings from where they cannot get out. They become aware how ignorant and weak they were during the situations and moments where they could gain the real opportunity to come out yet they just let it flow from their hands due to ego, ignorance, selfish motives, or even a moment of gaining the glory that can be attained from the moment later. That moment which was left out had everything readied by nature with perfect conditions for learning, practicing and becoming stronger.

Those crucial moments many a times are let off or dropped due to the real and passionate efforts required for allowing the humility, efforts and perseverance to become part of their life to attain the glory of being there in that moment. Instead of the glory they are happy selecting the moments that may not bring their inner beauty out but will help them gain some moments of personal ego satisfaction.
The time is still not lost for there is nothing “TOO LATE” in the timeless time and spaceless space, the path is infinite, endless for you may again get the chance to regain all that is lost, if not wasted again one might attain that one sought, if again one is relaxed and lethargic to work on it this this time maybe the time with all the conditions appropriate may not happen to you again ever in this moment or next, for someone else would be there who has moved on to gain the momentum needed by the timeless time and spaceless space.  So make use of the moment in this moment in the first trial or the next in the most appropriate and useful manner.