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O Spirit


Testing me, O spirit of Life

Tell me, O spirit of heart

Extracting the life within me

Wouldn’t you die with me

For non knows you, my life

for non knows you, my spirit

Once gone and buried

who will even you play with

Love word has no meaning

moment a condition emerges

a relation is born with conditions

more conditional than love of life

it breaks one slowly, till life no more

Once, I will leave will you be happy

O Spirit, you will also die

None knows the heart, than me

heartless world full of conditions

talk about heart, yet fear love in it

One needs condition to love to live

I die with conditions for only Heart I have

loving heart, loving spirit, living life

all taken away slowly, why tell me

if it isn’t the way, whygive heart?

Why ask me to love, rise in love

if bound by conditions, I suffer

 ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda