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Everyone gets body aches, fever in there life sometimes and for few that sometimes become quite long and lot more frequently.
It is easy to curse, be sad and desperate for  you want to do something but body is not allowing it, if the tenure is long then frustration, helplessness, desperation sets in.
One has to be aware that body is telling you something, that something within your body is not functioning right. But then the mind is aware and awake, keeps throwing blank, gloomy thoughts at you every moment. If one contemplates on those thoughts then one will be dragged into a endless dark alleys of dungeons within the empty conscious centre.
Imagine if you start enjoying fever, pain and  pressure like I do, then the mind gets the same things that it throws at you back with more blank and confusing thoughts of joy, happiness, content, and solace. You keep hitting it more strongly the more internally happy, joyful and soulful you are.
The conscious empty ground is lit with colorful light of all the thoughts hitting it be it positive or negative. It is this moment you become the You in the most powerful and subtle manner for then your thoughts are not philosophical in nature but is filled with radiance of reality emerging from the spirit within.
          Maitreya Rudrabhayananda