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Every single day is a blessing when one flows and lives life naturally. It is pertinent that bhautika citta (worldly consciousness),  manasika citta (heart+mind consciousness), kaala citta( time consciousness), shunya citta(dynamic void consciousness), aatmiya citta(spirit consciousness) all are given due time, space, priority,projection and expanse within the framework of the dimensional living.
The more one gives enough space and time one finds principles of commitment, responsibility, accountability, power and will emerging from the bhautika citta. This allows one to delve deep within to bring out the best in oneself first and then expanding the same in others, those who get connected to a already state of expanding state of consciousness allowing those too to spread the same to others. The collective conscious awakening is called group in communion. This awakened state of consciousness moves slowly from grossest of needs to subtlest of inner bliss.
            – Maitreya Rudrabhayananda