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 Knowing the identification caused me to move

For I thought I know the body, the mind, the soul

Was this knowledge enough for me to move?

For every move I took I found the identification missing

I know the body which is moving but is it moving?

I know mind is keeping control so body moves

But then I saw mindless body move; so, what moves?

I know mind will allow me to reach the soul

Soul will allow me to know the truth about me

But then I found many a soul-less body move

What can I follow now for I found all a waste

Is my identification right or wrong with body?

Is my identification right or wrong with mind-body?

Is my identification right or wrong with soul-body?

I met a bodiless mind, mindless soul

So bright was bodiless and mindless

It broke my body, my heart and my mind

Alas! The whole life I ran after the body and bodiless

All the knowledge told it is body and all things around it

Here he is who showed neither am I nor is anyone body

The body shell vanished showing me the light

For light made me bodiless and mindless