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Leeches live by blood and die by salt yet they have high medicinal values and utility. It is human leeches who keep sucking up human blood through body, mind and spirit, yet in return they can only give pain and trauma.

Such devolved spirits who love to stoop to such low levels, hold multiple faces and masks to the world to prove that they were mistreated, made to suffer, and they are looking to a life of traumatic proportion.
These normally begin from the intolerance of them for non-acceptance of there fantasy world by the real world. These then transform into psychotic issues slowly eating up there whole persona for they are not ready to accept reality and move, they hold the moment of their fantasy as reality making the world around them to suffer.
After a particular level of holding of the mind they cannot return back to normalcy thus leading a life of fantasy and a life of make believe reality. ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda