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The core of love is openness, transparency; a single strand of secret or private is a barrier in love, it is a conditional love that is prone to break down sooner than one expects. The deeper one loves the higher shall be levels of openness and transparency wherein even a single breath reveals the scent of love and openness in communication and a complete understanding and acceptance of even a simple thought.

This love is pure and truthful for in it there are no individuals but only oneness in two separate bodies of spirit that transcends time and space. The essence is to have openness in love,  not for the world to know. This relationship is between lovers and it is a relationship that expands beyond physical body becomes the relationship of Master and Disciple. It a moment of surrender of surrender of energies and acceptance of light and spirit. The secrets remain universal between the oneness but never known to world for those secrets will give them power to break the oneness. ~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda