About Maitreya

Maitreya at Tughlakabad

Maitreya at Tughlakabad

Verify the Truth by Experience (Atmabodh)

“Be Aware, Be Simple and Be a Child.”

My journey of knowing the truth has led me to a path, way and method that is unique in its own manner. The whole wave of revelation is nothing short of pure science yet has so much dimensional realities that the modern science looks still in nascent stage, though evolving at a faster rate.

The core of the revelation addresses the fundamental questions about Existence at all levels, human and humanity, our origins and destiny, good and evil, the soul, death and life, the world, our relationship to others, and the nature of space, time, and the fabric of reality.

Those know the way can physically, mentally verify that they are neither philosophical teaching nor are they intellectual dissertation on specific subjects with an intellectual analysis of them; it is a revealed science which does not require blind allegiance.  The core expands from the knowing of the known to the knowing of the unknown known in the most subtlest and pure manner. The journey of the way shows that one can truly slowly unravel the mystery of life through a new meaning and a new setting for their personal experience.

The core of learning is the Cosmic Conscious Science having universality in nature leaving one realise the purest form of science far beyond all the boundaries set in by religions and science of the world to this day. It is the science  of personal truth that expands one to the illuminated Self. The core of the teachings and learnings merge and serve to expound the fundamental concepts of his message of Oneness. Know the truth behind your beliefs and the True Faith, know your God and the God you have ignored till now. The teachings do not work on denying anything but it is the crucial aspect of accepting the reality that matters more. There is no creator to be known for there is none and there is sense of going beyond You for knowing You will allow one to take first firm step into the realm of truth. Only skeletal remains of ancient religion talk anything about the truth for they remain faint echoes that have barely survived the passing of time and have lost their appropriate context for interpretation.

No one fails in this learning, only quitters who lack the sense of participation. There can be no passive teachers nor passive students either they are or they are not capable of the learning now for there is no force to make one learn or make one thirsty

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