Musings of a Mystic #86

चलने के लिए दो कदम,
राह मे कुछ ना सही
हर कदम एक दरगाह,
हर राह एक मंदिर
हर नज़र रब का दर है,
कुछ बने तो अच्छा किया
ना बने तो खोया दुनिया ने
ना कुछ हमारा था
ना हमने कुछ किया है
उसका हुकुम उसकी रज़ा
राह उसने दे दिया है
जन्नत का फ़लसफा बन गया
ना बने तो खामी हुममे है
उसकी दर पर सजदा करने
हम से अच्छे और भी है|

More than a decade back I had the privilage to meet a Divine Saint Swami Kriyananda ji, a unique personality who was open in heart and soul. He left all the attachment when the time was right and then on an appointed time and space left the physical body on 18-July-2008 at Kathmandu, Nepal. Why am I remembering Him now, is that yes, his depth and expanse I had seen in very few people I have met.

It is human nature to look for the origins or find the roots of certain things in life. It is not easy for one or all to comprehend what has been happening or being written over the period of years. I am thankful to all the divine souls who were enthusiastic and passionate about writing or disclosing whatever they found during the meditation or due to their Siddh karma bhava.

Sometimes when we listen instead of hearing, we can truly hear faint whispers directing our path. Most of the time people just skip it over or are not silent enough to listen to it. The more  inner core  is silent the more and better a person is to realize it, know it, feel it. The truth gets revealed then that you are no Hindu, no Buddhist, no Muslim, no Christian or Jewish, relearning those again from a different perspective over different period of time under different teachers and Masters.

Belief is normal for it is something which is given to us for showing a way then the inner turmoil happens leading one to even understand slightly the depths of the Infinite Ocean one calls as faith. The subtleness has to be grown and worked upon and it is this which has transformed belief into faith and it is outside the one who wants to know about it. Faith has been described as a belief in something outside of yourself. I stand here today because of that faith and am humbled from its valuable lesson.

I am no different from anyone neither my working is different from others yet my inner has awakened and it has found its root. It is said that more sweetening you put in water, the sweeter it becomes, likewise when the Spirit meditates letting the body do its  duty then the meditation shall be true form of devotion and it shall help one to grow more deeper into the spiritual realm. Self knowledge has a way it is not bound by book, system, guru, for that is something which comes from within and spreads.

It is quite normal for a person to look into their daily living and the problems and aspects associated with it. The eternal then looks like a mere concept of the books which have sprung forth through the religious leaders and gurus. Even if the desire to know the divine is there it gets hidden under the layers of desires and necessities of daily life. Divine is someone who is considered as a Supreme Servant who is only there to provide us Etheric Powers or Etheric Wealth  is this not telling that the divine is there only for me, my wants, my desires. Most of the saints or sages who talked in depth were never understood for the simple fact that the divine they were talking about was nowhere related with the divine who could satisfy their desires.

Pure scriptures were never easily accepted and even if it was; it was limited to a small segment of people for the masses they required physical relationship or something which they can relate with their senses. Thus the form worship came into being showing the essence of the pure scripture in a form which depicted lots of stories and myths so that people could relate to the space outside the temple.

Why the temples or places of religious had importance was only for this reason only and this is crucial for it shall allow a person who has desires to lead a life in illusion to work upon themselves and by going such places again and again repeating the mantras in a certain manner, chanting names they shall one day suddenly realize that the inner spirit is reciting with them or singing and dancing with them and this shall then lead a person to look beyond the I, me myself theory which forms part of life and beyond. That is the moment divine transforms from a supreme servant to one of sakha(friend) and as the person he becomes the teacher and then becomes a Guru(Master) and upon the opening the inner eye the Guru becomes the God who is nothing more than a ansha of the Ishwara.

When people are relying on revelation from sources then it normally becomes subject/object relationship. When the reality exists in its full glory then no agent is required as a witness. The eternal has no relationship to time/space, nor has any qualities. The quest that one has revealed something which I am not able to comprehend is not the quest neither it is about finding oneself, for one can never know what one is, but one can find out what one is not. When the one that is not is known then the revelation becomes a truth, this is a way of true investigation within oneself where one removes obstacles and receives the energy resulting from such quest which in itself will help us remove obstacles that at present are not visible to us.

Even what I have been saying or writings are more like secondary information for it may never register with normal mind, only when the mind is silent will the echo happen and the awakening takes place. But then awakened personalities like Swami Kriyananda ji have allowed themselves to break free from the bondages and conditions to follow the ways of Kri Álilā tákn (Caitya)  universal laws and regulations that forms the core of existence. Once connected and merged one is eternally there in that moment of time and space.


Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realised through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


# Soulschennai




#Caitya #Raal


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