Musings of a Mystic #84

Never come to me looking for any reward or condemnation. I cannot do that. That has been never been part of my way of learning or teaching. I never had condition that one had to follow to connect with me. It has nothing to do with me, it has to yours of accepting me as a Master, Guru or a Messenger or anything else is your choice, it has more to do with your core freewill.

I am not a religious missionary who is looking for people to get converted. In the last 25 years I could walked the ways followed by the religious ways, and religious leaders on the easiest path of conversion.It is the most useless path I have always found for those in religious norms are Facilitator or Coordinators who are wrongly called Masters(GURU) or Satguru. They are actually forming a link between the seeker and the religious scripture by converting and translating them in the way most suitable for them to appease and convey the way in the most beneficial for the Facilitator or Coordinators. Such people work only towards converting and creating a base for themselves. They are converting people to replicate them in all mannerisms and ways so that they look distinct from others. But then there is a limit to the ways of distinctions that are acceptable so it again boils down to a set pattern of rituals and norms that appease people in all forms in the most natural format.

My ways are part of the nature so it will only emerge as onesided. I cannot have spiritual relationship, it keeps changing, transforming and emerging everyday. Sometimes it is here, sometimes it is there, sometimes it is nowhere. It is not following the set pattern you are accustomed to, so the relationship has to emerge from you, within you and around you. Your freewill and readiness to dive in matters, your core has to be ready to learn, relate, understand, know and accept. The beginning has to be like a student, don’t come with your loads of burden that has been part of you for millions of years. No need to justify, defy or reject your learning just drop them, drop them for it is time for you to grow, grow deep from within to rise supremely higher to the conscious awareness state.  You have to be ready to awaken, break free from you of you to become a sisvaół. Sisvaół is not a Shishya rather it is a awakened state and one who knows and shows the way(eya) is Maîtra of the Lineage(Zur) of timeless and spacelessness. It is this Sisvaół state that allows one to become a Zahétál (Risen to the Light way). This is a state of closeness to me, the seeker is lost, student is lost, shishya is lost then only shall you be ready to become the Being from the core. The core doesn’t stop at experiencing it emerges as one of Being in the state of  BE. All this is happening from your side, nothing from my side, for I have never taught. I can never teach for teaching is a borrowed science while I just am and You in you will center yourself in the Being. Experiences can be manythat one shall go through which are beautiful, ecstatic, blissful and joyful but then one day you will feel bored with them to allow yourself to sink to connect. Zahétál is a way of becoming one with the core of the being in the most natural manner where one is nothing but a Devotee. It is this moment when one emerges to merge. This is a moment of merging wherein the core of Energy, Consciousness keep on projecting as eternal pulsating force within. My core is happy being in this state of loneliness and core of being alone for  the pulsating core cannot have a static relationship, it is dynamic and purely volatile and forever emerging, merging and re-emerging. Pulsations at the levels of Zahétál are also dynamic and in a state of forever change, so the connection even though there remains not as separate but of oneness. It is a state of blossoming and rising to connect and merging for which I shall be eternally having gratitude and greatfulness but relationship cannot be there for there is existence of same pulsating energy and consciousness in all the creation for that is the path of Kri Álilā tákn (Caitya).

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realised through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


# Soulschennai




#Caitya #Raal


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