dsc01426Recently I was reading a article that had appeared on which talked about a concept presented by Mr. Jose Luis Perez Velazquez, a biochemist at the University of Toronto, and colleague Mr Ramon Guevarra Erra. For them the expansion of the brain for handling of information and data the consciousness emerged. So good that science has scaled down the working of the brain due to the electrical impulses happening to connect to the fact that consciousness has emerged from that.

The truth is quite opposite for it was due to the consciousness that energy controls the Matter called the Brain to handle the body, but this aspect is also relative to the boundary created within the expanse of time, space, energy, Consciousness, brhanniveza (dimensions)  resulting in the emergence of matter through the spandanā(pulsations) constituting 12 dimension of vayu’s(air’s), bhūmi (earth), ap or jala (water), tejas or agni (fire),   vyom or shunya (space or zero) or akash (aether or void), cittā(Gross levels consciousness), manā (mind), vajā (Gross levels energy), tamā(darkness), svěfé (light) and léalé (Breath).

These 12 dimension in themselves work through the spandanā(pulsations) and vajā (Gross levels energy) allowing Mechanical energy, Kinetic energy, Potential energy, Mechanical work, Elastic potential energy, Surface energy, Sound energy, Gravitational potential energy,Thermal energy, Chemical energy, Electric energy (Electrostatic energy,Electric energy,Magnetic energy, Electromagnetic energy), Nuclear energy, atomic energy emerge with the dimensional aspect of the matter. Other than these energies Bio-mechanical energies, Bio-electrical energies, Cognitive Energy, Emotional Energy, Dark Energy, White Energy, Cosmic Energy.

This is the true way of science of Primeval, that follows the ways through the origins of the timeless time, vibrationless vibration, spaceless space, matterless matter. It is the science of the ‘Iki-tân-nóva-şu‘ where Iki is ‘timeless’; tân is ‘vibrationless’; nóva is spaceless, şu is consciousless. When the vibrationless vibration emerges as vibration in the stable essence it merges with the Subtle energy(güç-lù)to emerge as matter. This ancient timeless way is based on the Revelation of the Truth by the Timeless unbroken lineage of Lus El(Shining stars), come share the same principles of love, spirituality, humility that even predates most of the ancient religions we know. It was also later called the ways of Aghórâ[Ag (Moving) hó (Spark) râ(Light)], which flourished in the ancient world, but with the passage of time it was either eliminated from most part of the world by conditioned and brute force we know now or got corrupted by most of the later followers and slowly the corrupted form took a form of religion.

The doorway to the timeless timeless-time and spaceless-space is open for those who would like to gain the knowledge, awareness and understanding of lù vô ësi(Energy Infinite Space) a term meaning Cǟitya.

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realised through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


# Soulschennai






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