Musings of a Mystic #65

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Kri Álilā tákn (Caitya) is the aspect of light and visions. The whole process is based on the Cosmic Luminous Points and Seeds of Light in forms of the Life-Force, Life-Chants, Life-Maze of Light, this is the energy that has been expanding from the primordial times.

Those who practices learnt in darkness of external world, in the room or space or cosmic entities like Sun, Moon, Sky, Stars know and realize that it is easier to sense, know, relate, understand, experience and accept the awakening of the spontaneous Pulsations and vibrations.

Raál allows one to connect deep within through the Wrathful Gaze, Peaceful Gaze, Conscious Gaze, Awakening Gaze, Wisdom Gaze, Time Gaze, Roar Gaze, Secret Gaze

Life-Force, Life-Chants, Life-Maze of Light emerge as connecting points to the energy centres of Cosmic Energy, Cosmic Consciousness, Universal Life Force for it allows one to connect to everything that is surrounding you be it animate, inanimate or unknown. They are the natural manifestations of one’s own senses, rising through the wisdom channel that links our heart with our eyes and other senses expanding through the levels of consciousness one can relate to. As one practices the expansion is not a continuous process rather waves slowly rising and falling at intermittent times for one walks the path of light yet the consciousness awakens the vision for one to see the Truth in the way and path.

The core is self experience in the direct and pure manner allowing the dormant seeds to awaken and rise to the light of Truth. the depth of conditionlessness while one practices on the path shows the depth, intensity and expanse of one through the Twelve colours of  the Five Elements(Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space), Consciousness, Energy, Matter, Emotion, Void, Silence, Dimension. Those who connect to the Five Colours of the Five Elements are able to gain expansion from the Conditional Realm of Religion, Liberation of Body happens within the realm of Mind and Emotion.

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realized through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


# Soulschennai






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