Musings of a Mystic #43

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 I believe in the force of formless Divine and that does not confirm itself in any sort of the formless worships that people follow today. Those who say they believe in formless God too have a form to hold on to, it is a condition of the human mind.

Those who say we believe in self too are holding on to a form. All forms of the formless form worships form in a subtle manner, it has been deeply etched in the human gene’s and the conditions of millions of years will never be washed off in a moment, day or a month or even this generation.

It is a beginning, a beginning with your conditions for all the source of worship begins with meditation and expands into contemplation and finally settles down in samadhi, very few will travel beyond to the Shunyata and even fewer to the state of Mahashunyata.

What I am referring is beyond the Mahashunyata, where the formless form merges back into the formless state and in formless state also you can travel back to the source which is quite deep.

Maybe in this generation I may not even reach ten people to reach that state but yes as the depth grows and faith increases you shall find the True Spiritual beings emerging cutting through the conditions of the Gene’s too. For today the formless form, I talk about is a symbol, a point, a source for knowing the source, which shall help one to refine the sentiments of the people during the delving within in form of worship, meditation, Kriyas or Akriyas.

The symbol is there and it was not created but shown by the same source of energy which showed so many symbols for many billion of years. Those who could not go beyond their own selfish interests made it to represent themselves or created a way to connect to themselves, forgetting the basic fact that every single creation be it alive or dead all form part of the same creation. There can be no difference or change in that.

Kri Álilā tákn (Caitya ) is that source disclosed for this time, not for the first time but the many times it was shown in the past it got distorted by the fanatics and selfish natured people. It was disclosed first time more than a million years ago and over the last five thousand years more than thousand distortions have taken place.

Kri Álilā tákn even with all the distortions have lost majority of the strength, Kri Álilā tákn has to be given regard, respects, revered and protected from being dis-respected or defiled in the future. This symbol is convenient to concentrate for mind can easily go deep with it for it is the origin of creation and dissolution. The form is the source for teaching in a easy manner and slowly as the depth occurs the teachings become clear to the mind which is holding on the corrupt forms thus giving no true results. As the depth increases the form vanishes only the formless remains. when everything is formless then the same formless forms become the forms of the formless.

~ Maitreya Rudrabhayananda

Soul Searchers intends to raise the consciousness of people and to help create a turning point on this planet—a world where people are in tune with their inner-selves, living healthy and creative lives and are no longer swayed by religious dogma or politics.  The purpose is to bring the state of righteousness (dharma) back again in current state of political turmoil and selfishly motivated people.  We believe the truth can be known and realized through guided and workable ways. Thousands have benefited from the process of initiation and share them with your friends and family and together we’ll touch and transform lives. 


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