My learning and experiences have made me a Atiashrami for I do not follow the rules set by majority of spiritual and religious practitioners. The ‘I’ in me is not the ‘I’ that ‘I’ was born with but the ‘I’ is of the Divine path of pathlessness I follow wherein the rules of no-rules are quite different and new to many who come.

People come to meet a empty spot wherein they are only echoing themselves in the ever re-vibrating essence of the world emptiness. This echo many times become strong sometimes light but somewhere it emerges within the concept of self in the most natural manner.

Those seeker who are ready to dive deep within to get the inner message or are ready to sink within to reach out the inner divine within gain the connectivity that keeps me here and now in the essence of a form. The form one sees has many relations and may have more relations as time moves on. But the form in itself will be more connected at the heart level consciousness while the energy shall remain within the neutral level of consciousness and the matter shall be doing the task in hand in the most righteous manner taking up all the responsibilities and accountabilities that are tuned to the task and relation that requires it.

When the form emerges from the core of the energy and merges with the matter of consciousness one can attain progress or also gain a stagnant life from the acceptance or rejection of a relation. This dual form i.e. acceptance or rejection truly allows one to gain the inner conscious learning of accepting at the levels of consciousness allowing the energy to expand in the most natural manner leading one to gain the visibility of  the energy from the formless state to a state of form comprehensible by the senses.

~Maitreya Rudrabhayananda


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